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Poor Lenny's Cybermodster Punk Scrap Metal Music
Old Junkyard rock Songs from Trailer Park Punk Rocker Cybermodster Trash, Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshall - the Cedar Valley White Rose Minstrel Of HeavenCan, from the White Rose City of Hex county York, PennSYLTranceSYLVania
near the Red Rose City of Lancaster the home of amish Red Rose EXORCISM Musician Jakob Lemy Zook whom works with me on my
trashy trailer Park songs. I have 3 mentally disabled brothers and mother. Everybody says I’m half
crazy. I have a split personality. Two people in me are
Lionstar Marshall and exorcism musician Jakob Lemy Zook which channel through me, Lenny Wiles, the main personality. When the other two play gigs which is most of the time I can’t remember
them doing the gigs as I am put into a trance. Trance brought on by the governments cia program called Project Monarch. I was abducted as a child for the mind control experiment and personality splitting program. I escaped.
Thousands are still held captive. Both alter personalities residing in me say they are traveling music minstrels who traveled Europe before and during the Black Plague. Playing and traveling through me throughout Hex York, County
PennSYLTtranceSYLVania. They call this state that name as Pa is one of the most paranormal states in the world. My one brother
Lennon Tommy Ray Cybermodster which we grew up in a run down trailer in the cow pasture
field on a dairy farm I call him the Schizophrenic Milkman,
a crazy man walking. Click on link to hear the song. He is super cool, and plays a very pro bass, recording and performing right up there with Jack Bruce in my band unit.
My other schizophrenic brother
Geronimo Hitler plays drums. My cousin Sam Rockwell sits in on recording sessions as second guitar.
I live in a run down Trashy Trailer Park without a real job. Can’t find employment.
People call me trailer park punk rock trash especially people living in their mansions up the road on the hill. When I was growing up in the country as a boy in an old trailer in a cow pasture field surrounded by a barbed wire fence I encountered aliens, a Christian UFO encounter.
To try and get funding for recordings I now make my original music available, over 200 songs to pay rent and to fix my teeth which are now falling out I put up this charity site. Please help with a tip, any amount helps.

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riends & Fans,
New Charity: We support a new charity. PETa “People for the ethical treatment of animals, supporting rescue, and response help to animals being mistreated and tortured.” Funds are provided by three dating sites, “Dating for Charity,” United Kingdom Site two clothing sites selling rock, trash punk steampunk and futuristic clothing. I love the futuristic and steampunk fashion style. Donate any amount even .02 cents. Donate $50 or more and receive a Supernatural Gospel Gears Charity Warrior T-Shirt free. 75% of all charity goes to the to help brutalized animals a very worth cause and one close to my heart. I grew up on a dairy farm and love animals. We were dirt poor.
To receive FREE songs please email me the name of song and I will email back with the song. I know most musicians are broke in these economic times and can barely afford guitar strings. Me included. LOL. You can also purchase songs easily and fast online for a small fee. Proceeds go to LOVE, HOPE, STRENGTH which gives special care to musician cancer patients in need.
Purchase over $50 worth of songs and receive a free special Super Gear T Shirt proceeds goes to charity.

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This is the Official Trailer Park Junkyard Scrap Metal Music Site of The Supernatural Gospel Gear. I consider my music to be Psychedelic Space Rock with a trashy trailer park punk rock edge. I belong to the Blood Moon Clan Of The Mysterious Fog Music Minstrel Clan Guild. The Pa unit is a unit under the Supernatural Gears Minstrel Guild. With our music we try to expose demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in our society. Seeking mainly coin gluttons of the Corporate NWO Order. MONEY IS THE ROOT OF all EVIL. I’m Into God & Jesus, Christian Hard Rock-METaL Dating, Christian UFOlogy, Cyber Punk Rock Cybermodsters, Cybergoths, STEaMPUNK, Celestial Beings, Conspiracies, Plastic dash board Jesus collectibles - about Trailer Rocker Trash Lenny UFO childhood encounters. Questions? Contact Len Wiles Lionstar Marshall

Len weird guitar pichexjulysmll
We need funding for our next recording LP. Please feel free to make a donation to help us so we may continue

Tip Jar

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