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The Angels are arriving at the Apollo Park landing field one by one right now as the PERFECT PARANORMAL STORM is approaching and meeting with Amitiel´╗┐ who is human. And Jesus who is at the Guison Church. Amitiel the Angel of truth and the unknown was burnt by God because the Angel knew what would happen if humans were created and opposed it. The eventual violence, power, hatred and greed coin gluttony towards each other. But, God the intelligent star so loved humans. The Angel and the unknown was turned human after the burning and has been here a long long time. Being reborn and dying over and over and over again. And tortured by Demons, "The Reptilian Dracs, the Draco's (the shape shifting Reptile Dracula's). Amitiel and the unknown will eventually return to Eden though as God so loved Amitiel. The message in the song is true sent. Michael is here. Something we need right now is more understanding and love as we are heading fast towards Armageddon. Everything is in place. The weather weapons of mass destruction are there in waiting. The Haarp 666 depopulation Beast. The private "Blackwater army," in the U.S. commanded by a man who's last name is Prince. Erik Prince. The Prince of Darkness? who will advanced from the right flank. From the east coast moving upwards to the north the Mason Dixon line region to confront Michael and the arriving Angels who are now landing at the Apollo Park landing field. Most of the Reptilians have left. They know what's coming. The privatized Blackwater army has joined forces with the drug cartel in Mexico and the M13's and they will advance up the left flank, Pacific Coast theater, killing everything in their path with no remorse aided by a newer hidden Haarp unit built by the Corporate NWO bloodline elites. The aggressively bred human Pitbulls. and Erik Prince of the private corporate funded Blackwater army. This newer Haarp will knock out most military command centers in the U.S. causing chaos. The Haarp unit in Alaska will begin to melt the ice caps for the great 2nd flood which will come rushing down through the midwest plains through sea level corridors making it's way to the Gulf splitting the continent apart. Haarp will burn wormholes in the atmosphere letting in poison radiation from the sun over area's they choose to continue the depopulation. WORMWOOD. The goal is to bring the human worldwide population number down below 666 million for a more manageable society ruled by the bloodlines. cyber goth dating - gothic people looking for a date The Haarp mind control microwave unit will begin to sing it's waves into the minds of the population evoking fear, happiness, confusion, euphoria, irritability, whatever they choose for trance mind control will begin. The great Haarp opera will sing from the Haarp stage in Alaska and the new units in place by the Monarcher's for total control and the Bloodline NWO Pitbulls will rule. The full force of the "Trance of the Monarch Butterfly invasion," will now begin moving forward in the Theater of the invasion for the start of the Monarch war. Armageddon. The NWO Monarch Commanders are waiting for the go ahead. Waiting for the order to advance and to turn the power from the Haarp Beast from low to full on assault.

The confrontation between Good and Evil will begin as Erik Prince and his Blackwater NWO army confronts Michael's Angels at the Mason Dixon Line region that was drawn by the surveyors Mason and Dixon, "hybrid Ganti's" years ago using the stars as their navigational system for the Apollo Park landing field, and to set up the Angel Nation. Prince will be pushed out of the region as Michael advance's up the Susquehanna river. Light tunnels will form around this region for protection from the wormholes. "Wormwood." Then all counties touching the Mason Dixon line will succeed from the American union forming a new nation. The Angel Nation.

The new Jerusalem a protected area as the rocks of fire from space enters the open wormhole areas with nothing to stop them. No friction because Haarp burnt a hole in places of their choosing. They won't burn up before they hit earth's populated areas of their choosing for depopulation. The lifting out of humans in the protected Angel Nation region will begin at the Apollo Park landing field. A very small percentage will make it out. Estimated 250,000. All who remain outside the new Jerusalem will wear the number of the Beast. The ones who survive under the 666 million. The Haarp number. The ones who survive will now live in slavery under the NWO Bloodline Human Pitbulls. Jesus is now nearby at the Guison Church along with Michael awaiting their orders from God and are watching it unfold closely. The recent weather weapon attacks, tital waves, radiation moving into the oceans, and so on, dead birds blown up from inside by Haarp. Dead fish. The chemtrail spraying and the fake immunizations. The no longer silent Monarch war has begun. We are in Armageddon. - Jakob's Diary

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