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Truth or Fable? The Blood Moon Clan was a music Guild of traveling Minstrels who traveled through northern Europe and today are a secret order from the ancient Trumpet Templars of the Knights Templar's beginning in the 1100's through the Black Death Plague years into the 1600's. The Death plague years was a germ depopulation genocide orchestrated by the Reptilian Dracula's to bring the population of humans below 500 million which happened.

There were Vampire human hybrids and shape shifting Reptilian Dracs, Dracula's in the guild. Not all Reptilian Dracula's or Vampires are evil but are afflicted with the desire for blood. They do not practice the known rituals of drinking children's blood. The DNA of certain humans during the period was changed by the Dracs where they developed into human hybrids. Vampires.

I became friends with the Guild's Vampires and Reptilian Dracula's during this period in time that were in the Guild. I fell in love with one of the hybrid Vampires whose name was
Jennifer who was thrown into the sun by a knight where she was burned and vanished forever. Burned because of my oppostion to the Knights Templars who began to disavow the code and began to seek wealth becoming coin gluttons as their minds became fogged with lies in their pursuit for riches. She was thrown into the sun as I watched screaming. Appalled I walked away along with The Blood Moon Clan broke away from the original Knights Templars. Down through history the Guild has blown the horns of truth and told stories in song. Today's Minstrels belong to the order of the Blood Moon Clan of the Mysterious Fog exposing demonic elements that move among us in secrecy between the raindrops in our society. Exposing evil through non-violence. Blowing the Trumpet Horns of truth exposure in song.
Trumpet Templar Minstrels take a vow of poverty to remain rich in heart and free of material possesions that fog the mind when in confrontation with evil and telling the truth. The root of all evil lies in a coin and a fog of lies.I traveled with the Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild along with Amitiel and the unknown Angel of truth the two Angels that were burned for voicing opposition to the Intelligent Star for creating humans. They were burned and turned into humans to be tortured by Demons, Sects from The Reptilian Dracula's through time. The Intelligent Star so loves these Angels that all someday will be forgiven. Traveled with them the Vampires and the Reptilian Dracula's from around 1100 to around the year 1600 when the original Guild started to disband and seemed to disapear. The current Minstrel Guild is centered here in York HEX COUNTY PennSYLtranceSYLvania PA along the Mason Dixon line region. The ETWZ. The experimental trance warfare zone.
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There are Vampires and Reptilian Dracula's in this current Guild. The Reptilian 6th who reside in an underground tunnel location burrowing down to the hollow earth in a area known as Rehmeyer's Hollow. There was a man John Rehmeyer suspected of being a Witch there was burned in the 1920's. He was actually a shape shifting Reptilian Drac a 9th sector. A human blood drinker and Hex spell casting Drac. When I first came to this area in the early 1920's to hook up with the 6th sectors in this region I was told to write a song by the Blood Moon Clan Guild to warn of this 9th sector Drac called John Rehmeyer who was hexing Farmers in the area. I wrote the song and performed it while traveling around mostly playing it at county fairs. I recorded the song around 1957 just as modern electric guitars and amps were coming around. The song is Rehmeyer's Spells.
Unlike the the 9th sectors the 6th sector Dracs are not evil and do not practice the blood drinking rituals are opposed to it and this has caused dissention within the Reptilian sectors. Amitiel the burnt Angel of truth along with the unknown travels with me in this current Guild. We are now blowing the Trumpet Horns of the coming New World Order Monarch invasion. Blowing the horns of truth in song of the Haarp 666 Beast. The mind control depopulation and trance slavery that is coming to bring the worlds population down again to below 666 million. All who survive under that number will wear that number within the 666. And will be under the martial law rule of the original Vampires and the NWO. The Reptilian Dracs of the 9th sector have a ravanging thirst for human blood.
Many of the little Drummer Boys in the Civil War were Trumpet Templars of the Blood Moon CLan only armed with the sound of their drum facing danger. But, he is truly a fearless musical knight, and secure on every side, for his soul is protected by the armour of faith and truth, the Intelligent Star, and the Angel Gabriel, just as his body is protected by the armour of paranormal steel. He is thus doubly armed, and need fear neither demons nor men."
Jakob Lemy Zook Lestat Maison. Amish French Exorcism Guitarist of the Blood Moon Clan Guild -
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Order of the Blood Moon Clan Music Minstrel Guild - psychic music from Supernatural Gears from York Pennsylvania
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Get the real news coming out of one of the most
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York, Hex County Pennsylvania.
Some Paranormal investigators and conspiracy
theorists refer to this area as
Get the latest news on the underground
Alien Complex
in Rehmeyer's Hollow. The UFO landing
field at The Apollo State Park
. Strange creatures
such as the Jellyfish Man and large giant sized
Deer Ticks seen in the area surrounding the
Three Mile Island Nuke Plant where radiation was
released. And the recent sighting of the
Mothman Creature and much much more.
Apparition City News Tribune is where you'll get
the real york county news that the local stations
will not touch and won't report on.
Editor: Jakob Lemy Zook Amish Exorcism
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