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Wrote and recorded this very strange new supernatural song "Burning Man with Green Spotted Hand" for the rock opera JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY. Shape Shifting Reptilian working as a human on Jakob Lemy Zook's parents amish Dairy Farm. The Reptilian reveals himself to Jakob as a boy. Jakob befriended him and called him the burning man because of his spots He never revealed the Reptilians true self to his parents. There were several Reptilian shape shifting farm hands working on the farm at the time. They were interested in Jakob since a paranormal hole was torn open in his mind bringing forth supernatural abilities from the experiments in the underground facilities in mind control taking place in the Project Monarch experiments. Secret Song Gear Vault JaKOBS DIaRY BELOW
- Jakob Lemy Zook
When I was growing up on the farm I encountered a Reptilian. I won't get into detail. I called him the burning man. He was green from head to toe and looked like he was burned from large black spots on˛ˇ his body. He WASN'T evil. He worked on the farm occasionally, and shape shifted to human form. I promised I would never tell my Dad what he really looked like. There was a tunnel behind the barn. Many came from that tunnel. A very beautiful woman once approached me from the tunnel who had shifted. I told her she was very beautiful. She said, "if you saw really saw me you wouldn't think so." I asked to show me her real self. She said ok, but I don't want you be afraid. She showed me her real self. The most strange looking site ever. I cried at first but then strangely I wasn't afraid. I was so used to the Reptilians at this point they didn't really scare me. She shifted back quickly and said, "I told you that you would be afraid." "I shouldn't have done that." I'm sorry. I told her I wasn't afraid that she still looked beautiful. She looked to be a Hybrid. Half Human. Very exotic. She said. "Well thank you." But, I'm not really. I asked her what they were doing there at the farm all the time. She said I was to young to know. But, for me to remember, to always remember that they are the good guys.

She said it was wonderful that I get to grow up here out in the country on this beautiful diary farm. We were out by the milking section of the farm. There was a tunnel behind the barn there. When they would leave they would go down that tunnel. They told me to never follow them. The tunnel would close up after they entered. Reptilians shape shift the same way Chameleons change color to adapt to their environment. Only much more advance. Much quicker. Sped up evolution. Not all are evil. Just like not all men are evil. But, there are some nasty ones. Just like there are some pretty mean people in our society. The nasty ones work with rogue elements at the Aberdeen experimental military Proving Grounds base in Maryland which at the time was near our family farm. Working in a rogue Project called Monarch. Still going on. I've learned the nasty ones abduct children from around the world, thousands for experiments and take them there. The discarded children there that are no longer viable, the ones who go completely mad from mind control experiments are givin back to those not so nice Reptiles. Everything you've heard about Reptilians and children are true. A child to a Reptilian is like baby lamb chops to a human. But, just like we have Peta who is opposed to eating baby lambs. They have their own sects who are opposed to eating baby children.

We are in a war with demonic elements here that move in secrecy between the raindrops in our society. Their power of secrecy is intoxicating to them. And, it still rings true today as it has throughout history, money is the root of all evil. Life is much much more stranger than fiction. I suspect DSL is caught up in a Reptilian game play. Reptilians love to play games. The game DSL is in is out in the open. He's lucky. There is a game behind closed doors called "The Cybernetic Killing Floor." That's a floor you don't won't to be standing on. Jakob Lemy Zook JaKOBS DIaRY

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