Movie Making Guinson Movie Shoot for the video, "Return Of Nellie Noll the River Witch Of Marietta."

Horror Movie Making Zombie Man at the Guison Church Graveyard - Strange man ruining our video shoot at the graveyard for the Return Of the River Witch Nellie Noll

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Went to the Guison Church
To shoot some Hallows Eve scene
Zombie came up to me
a local looking so mean

asked me why the hell are you here
Told him I was looking for some
Hallows Eve Fear
He looked straight at me
with a little
evil eye
Said your descecrating this place
with your camera eye

I told him I was doing no harm
I grew up around here on my Daddy's Dairy Farm
He seemed so weird obstructing our scene
a strange old man now pumping a bible theme
I told him I was from the
Christian left wing
He asked me are you goth is that a devils ring

I said what is wrong with you man
you don't seem to me like a good
He then pulled out a gun
and pointed at me
I told him if you kill me
You will only set me free
angels will come pull me to the sky
and you chino christian style is all just a lie

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