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SUPERNaTURaL GOSPEL GEaRS Lennys Hex County Journals - Log entries Blood Moon Clan Music Minstrel Guild Vault - LOG ENTRY 356YT
Humans are so earth bound and sheltered to reality with instilled beliefs. Programmed beliefs from Generation to Generation. Has anyone heard from Jesus lately? How about God or the Daily Heaven News report.
Have you seen a Bee lately? Do you think they exist? Do Lizards exists? Do you exist? Are Humans real?
There is a life form called Jonka composed of Mercury on a planet around 1 million light years from here. He keeps telling his friends that there is a strange world called Earth in the Universe. That there are strange creatures there called humans who sit at a device called a computer communicating with strange symbols called words on these things called internet blogs. They have mechanical mechanisms called hearts that beat, and a strange device that they exist in. a soft shell called a body. There is a strange liquid called blood flowing through tubes called veins. Electric activity in skulls with a device called a brain. A device that fires these strange rockets called neurons which produces thoughts and dreams firing back and forth
They also have something else called a lung that takes elements from their strange atmosphere into a hole in their skull that keeps them alive to continuing using the strange symbols they write back and forth with on their internet blogs And also there is a weird thing in their heads that let them see the symbols called eyeballs. Which causes them to become aware. Thinking, breathing, talking, writing, seeing, living on a strange planet called Earth. Then after about 70 to 80 years this very strange life form
disintegrates and becomes nothing in something the humans call death.
His friends keep telling him have you taken your Meds today Jonka?
86 percent of everything on unexplained mysteries is false/ 16 percent is true. The Bumble Bee Reptilian Blog is part of the 16 percent. 4 percent is fake to add possible entertainment value for human consumption.
See JaKOBS DIaRY Log Entry 87UYi9 http://www.supernaturalgears.org/mysterious-fog.html

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