cedar valley minstrel of heavencan lenny wiles lionstar marshal of heavencan

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  • Chapter 1.
  • Trance of the Monarch Butterfly
    Story of a conspiracy of Evil beyond Evil. A Super Evil
    rural rock opera by songwriter guitarist Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal

    Main Index


    Reptilians, Ganti Bumble Aliens at the Apollo Park Landing Field - End Times 2012, Apollo Park Files

    Adolf Hitler and Nazi Soldier on the Dairy Farm in the 1950's

    Reptilian on the Diary Farm - The Burning Man

    Reptilian and Alien Mind Control Helmet Incident - Apollo Park Alien Landing Field Files

    Mothman Caccoon and Reptilians - Apollo Park Alien Landing Field Files

    Riverghost and the White Owl - Paranormal incident at the susquehanna river

    Gazing at the Bumblee Aliens & Pineal Gland Third Eye - Apollo Park Alien Landing Field Files

    Looking through the glass wall of solid matter - Jakobs psychotronic 3rd eye

    Reptilian Shape Shifter Sex Ritual - Becoming a Reptilian Hybrid

    Letter to Satan from Snowfire

    Countdown to 2012 song


    Martian Werewolf Clan - Illegal Trancer Pornography family operation

    Shocking Blue Potion #13 Renegade Porno Trancer

    Swine Flu Vaccine for Bilderger Bankers and the New World Order

    Interview with J. L. Zook n the Mysterious Fog

    Dining out at the Reptilian Blood Bank Bar - Boiled Baby

    Web Servers being shut down by the Monarchers

    2nd Earth Jedi Psy Ops Battalion

    Reptilian Dracs, and the myth of the blood drinking Vampire, Dracula
    Jakobs Diary Index: Hex County Journals
  • Chronis the Eugenics Nightmare, Jesse Ventura, the Haarp Machince and me
  • Soren Spiders down a Black Hole
  • 3 Seals Of Mary
  • Jellyfish Man - Supernatural Gears
  • Missing Exorcism Guitar - Supernatural Gears
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