photo by Boo Hewerdine
I went over to Leta's house my drummer friend Dan his girlfriend's farm house to talk about the sci fi thriller Independent film I am working on called "Tick" about giant blood sucking mutated ticks in the aftermath of the three mile Island Nuke disaster I am producing about real strange sightings of
weird mutated animals in the area by the locals. To discuss her role in the production. We talked about the film and all the things I'm interested in Alien abductions and so
on. And I wanted to shoot many scenes at her farm house location out in the rural area of New Park near Stewartstown. Went home and later that night while in bed all kinds of strange things began to happen.In the middle of the night I noticed outside of my window all these round orb like lights began shooting past my window.Some flew into my bedroom and circled the ceiling then flew back out through the window
and into the woods. I didn't wake Robin. Then all of a sudden a
spotlike stream of light shown through the door window from the woods right into the room on Robin Sparrow's head and then
began scanning the room. I didn't know what to think that maybe Deer hunters were in the woods behind my house spotting deer and so on.Then the lights and orbs
left shooting up into the sky. The next day early in the morning I got a call from Leta with excitement in her voice. She said you wouldn't believe what happened last night!
I said don't tell me yet. I then told her about the orb lights circling outside of my house and the spotlight scanning the room.She couldn't believe what I was telling her.She said the same thing happened to her. Two large looking crafts with lights hovered over her barn last night and stayed there stationary above the barn then moved above her house for about 10 minutes shining lights into the barn and house.
Then they shot off into the sky. TRUE STORY! My hand on the Bible. UFO ENCOUNTER or What? I then wrote and recorded this song
White Lightning Has Cracked The Sky. See CHILDHOOD UFO abduction on the Diary Farm

This is one of my favorite sustain devices for guitar. Developed in the 70's. Been using it since. I use it on almost all of my recordings with guitar. Sometimes I plug a mic in and use for vocals. Great cool workhorse device for the studio and playing live. Really fattens up the sound with a uni
que cool tone on guitar and works great for keyboards too. Get one now for your studio or live performance. It's a very cool piece of music gear to have - Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal Supernatural Gospel Gears Guitarist

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