Interview with Lenny Wiles LionStar Marshal & The Supernatural Gospel Gears - Web Conspiracy horror opera series videotaped on location in the heart of Hex County Pennsylvania Produced by Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal - Gear 51 Studios - Supernatural Gears Cinema

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upernatural Gospel Gears
Lenny Wiles LionStar Marshal, Jakob Lemy Zook, Geronimo Hitler Hisser, Lennon Cybermodster.

Interview with Guitarist and songwriter *Jakob Lemy Zook*, bassist
*Lennon Cybermodster *Drummer *Geronimo Hisser* and Videographer
Webasode Music Producer *LionStar Marshal the Cedar Valley Minstrel of
Heavencan* of the *PennsylTrancesylVania Blood Moon Clan in the
Mysterious Fog* talking about their new music release and videos from
the psychedelic cyberpunk rock opera, Devil Duster *Trance Of The
Monarch Butterfly*.

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Isaac:* What has been the best part of playing for you guys musically so far?
*Jakob:* Recording as a Trio with my new bassist Lennon Cybermodster
and drummer Geronimo Hisser and finding new directions in Industrial
Noise Art & Psychedelic Punk. Working with Videographer and producer
LionStar Marshal and Jennifer Hurley on the webasodes for the conspiracy
rock opera Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.
*LionStar:* Working with Jakob and the band. Their great musicians and
songwriters. Also working with Jennifer Hurley on the scripts and video
editing for the Opera and the new upcoming webasodes for Youtube and
putting the MysteriousFog Web site together which is a continuing work
in progress. I'm learning to use the program Flash which is a wonderful
web design tool.
*Isaac:* What do you feel has been the biggest accomplishment musically
so far?
*Jakob:* Getting played on around 50 radio stations. The internet has
changed everything now for music. All these internet radio stations and
webzines are a great place for an artist to get exposure. And what can
you say about Youtube. Our videos now have been seen on
Youtube by
around 5,809,2
10 million viewers. I'm loving it!
*Lennon:* I agree with Jakob. Getting airplay.
*LionStar:* Biggest accomplishment is finally getting into the recording
studio to finish the first segment of the opera putting the music videos
together and the beginning webasodes for the Trance Of The Monarch
Butterfly series.

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I've been a professional Videographer and editor now for around 12
years. Videotaping events, corporate videos and so on. So working
Independently on this project with Jakob and different actors along with
real life characters is a dream come true for me. I'm finally getting to
be a Director and video Documentarian. Working as a team on the
webasodes. Gathering footage and adding the songs and sound tracks of
the PennsylTrancesylVania Blood Moon Clan into the motion picture
program Final Cut Pro and going wild in the editing process!
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*Isaac: * Describe the music scene in your area.
*Jakob:* Overground mostly dead. You know, sometimes dead is better.
Unless you like Led Zep, Pink Floyd, or ACDC reenactor bands, tribute
bands and so on. Underground it's exciting and evolving. There are
several venues in the area that actually require you to play original
loud rock music. York is a small town and Lancaster is nearby with the
Chameleon Club. York has a weird history known as Hex County. The
underground musicians here seem to be a bit off the wall I guess. The
electronic exorcism trance music underground. The Fairy Festivals are
big. I'm not talking Gay festivals. Gothic Fairy festivals which usually
have a lot of wandering Hippie Minstrels and hordes of New Age drummers
and Goth musicians. Some Raves going on in old factories. York is
sometimes referred to as the factory capital of the world cause of all
the factories. Mostly empty now. There's always an Indian music PowWow
going on somewhere. I sometimes wonder if the Indians are putting a
curse on the county with their PowWows. The last known Susquehannock
Indian Tribe was massacred here in genocide. I know John Rehmeyer the
witch put a curse on the county.
Rehmeyer was a PowWow witch doctor who
was murdered by some farmers awhile back for putting a Hex on them. It
was made into a movie called Apprentice To Murder starring Donald
Sutherland. That's how York county got it's nickname Hex County. York
County is also ground zero for Bluegrass bands. A lot of Moonshine
drinking parties. Recently played a party where the Still blew up. Got
it on video. Was thinking of posting on Youtube but the Feds might see
it and drag me in for questioning. There's a lot of moonshine running
going on in this area. I wrote a heavy metal bluegrass Hillbilly song
called /
White Lightning Has Cracked The Sky. /You can hear it on the opera LP.
In the mainstream, the once popular mega rock group Live whose fame
light right now is beginning to dim grew up here in Hex county and
Halestorm is from a little place called Dallastown who has a hit song
and seems to be making waves across the US. They got signed by Atlantic
records. The Valencia Ballroom has many mainstream acts coming in. It
used to be one of the most famous Ballrooms during the era of Big Band.
*Isaac:* What has been the best venue to perform at and why?
*Jakob:* Finley's Tavern in an backwood area in rural Hanover. We would
pack the club with outside lines waiting to get in sometimes fans
waiting in lines a quarter mile down the road. We thought we were
becoming rock stars. Ha! It's a rural club out in the Boondocks. Our
fans were great and loved the extreme heavy sound. It was a fun place to
play with a sense of danger. An outlaw biker atmosphere. At the time of
our first release "Experience This" we were going by the name Quasar
Light with a female singer Robin who called herself Sparrow and had just
released our first self produced recording. Eventually a sound meter guy
came around after many gigs and said we were breaking some law because
of our sound volume. So, instead of turning down we quit playing there.
Another place was CBGB's in New York before they closed down. The
backroom had the history of punk and so on written all over the walls.
Piss mark writings by the Sex pistols, all the great punk bands had
played there. Had a long conversation with the sound engineer who had
seen it all. He said ACDC played there bringing stacks and stacks of
amps in. But, he said we were more powerful with the equipment we had.
Sunn amps at the time. We blew the walls down and played as hard loud
and fast as we could and everyone loved it. That was a highlight. We use
Marshals now. The places we play now are mainly private and boutique
gigs in secret locations at warehouses, run down factories, old barns,
garages and sheds. Live performances for the Opera webasodes.
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*Isaac:* Elaborate a little about whom were your biggest influences in
the music industry and why?
*Jakob:* Jimi Hendrix is a major influence. But, Nine Inch Nails is my
biggest influence. Their the most interesting incredible band around today.
Trent is a Genius. Not afraid to push the limits of electronic
music, noise art and Industrial rock. He has a great web site. And, his
marketing skills and ideas could revolutionize the music Industry in
ways that artists can learn to support themselves with all the free
downloading using new types of marketing. He offers free downloads of
his songs but still manages to support himself and his band financially.
Another artist that comes to mind is Doug Walker who is now passed
away. He was a African American electronic music Genius from New York
City. He was not well known in the mainstream of electronic music. I
have several self produced releases on cassette that I obtained from the
the flourishing underground Electronic cassette and Noise Art scene of
the 1980's. Incredible electronic space rock recordings. He was a major
influence on me.
By the way as a side note here. I used to self publish an electronic
music magazine called Electrogenesis in California. I once received a
noise art cassette for review by an artist called Kurt Cobain from
Washington State. He was known to be making noise art tapes at the time.
It was quite interesting. This was before he became known to the public
in Nirvana. Don't know why but I feel the need to tell your readers
this. Ha! Nirvana and The Sex Pistols are an influence. Nirvana somehow
fused punk rock of the Sex Pistols with pop sounds of the Beatles.
The Sex Pistols came in and helped destroy Disco music in the 70's.
What would the music world be like today without the Sex Pistols? They
were an major influence. Also, lately I've been listening to a lot of
60's psychedelic garage bands on Youtube. I'm a Youtube addict. I'm
starting to get influenced by them too. So I'm into a wide variety of
music. I'm also interested in the new medium of Webasodes working with
LionStar putting together this opera and the webasodes for Youtube and
our web site. So, I'm being influenced by LionStar our director and
Videographer. And, by Videographer Jennifer Hurley who also edits our
music webasodes and will be videotaping and editing the series. The
songs which will consist of an intro, then song then episode about the
mind control invasion for each video. A musical Webasode series called
consider them members of the band.
*Lennon:* For some reason I can't get enough of an old 60's psychedelic
band called the Blue Cheer. Love their psyche version of Summertime
Blues. Their considered the first Heavy Metal Band. I also like Nine
Inch Nails. As far Bass players. Les Claypool on Red State Girl. The
video's great on Youtube. And Jack Bruce with Frank Zappa on
Apostrophe. The first bass player in the Jethro Tull lineup was great.
Mmmm actually I could name off a couple of hundred of em now that I've
seen on Youtube.
*Geronimo: * Keith Moon who drank himself to death was one of the all
time great rock drummers and influenced me greatly. Although I'm not
dead yet by the first influence. I'd like to write a song like I can see
for miles where I can go completely chaos wild like he did. Also, lately
I've been listening to Ginger Baker's son Kofi Baker on Youtube. A
friend of mine had him lay down drums on his new LP. He is simply
fantastic. A Genius. He's learned many things from his great father
Ginger and taking it to another level. I could also say that I'm
influenced by the Jonas Brothers just to be cool and hip or something
but that would be a lie. So I won't say that.

*LionStar:* My influences are cinema, music, conspiracy theories and the
paranormal. I'll tell you a story. I went to a park across the
Susquehanna river located in Marietti Pa with Jennifer. While at the
park an old man with a long white beard rode up on a bike to us and
started a conversation. He was very nice talking about his life growing
up living by the river. Where he worked and so on. Talked about his
family. How he was in the military and so on. Then out of the blue he
asked us if we had read and believed in the Bible. Sort of jokingly I
said I had read the Dead Sea Scrolls. Which I hadn't at that time. He
said then maybe I know of the final book. The scroll that was never
found. He began talking about a great 2nd flood coming. A flood not in
the Bible. Rattling off things he claimed was never written in Bible but
was going to occur but was found in the final book of the Dead Sea
Scrolls. He talked of a scroll found that was written by a Susquehannock
Indian hundreds of years ago and placed in a cave by the river. We
thought he might be crazy at that point. Telling us very strange and
interesting stories and so on about the coming end of the world. And of
things not written in the Bible. And what will happen on Earth when the
final end comes. He spoke of a coming Angel Nation and of Angels coming
up the river with Jesus walking on water and all the animals in the area
running to the edge of the river as the Angels were to confront an army
of Reptilian Demons at the 7 Gates of Hell in Hellam who were recently
Junipers Moon Ganymede . We sat there
listening, wondering who is this guy. After awhile we thought that maybe
we should leave and get away from this old man as I thought maybe at
some point he was going to pull out his penis or something and show it
to us or do something else perverted. Finally we told him it was great
listening to his stories and started to leave. We turned around while
getting in the car and he seemed to have vanished. While driving home I
thought now that was weird.
Later on the next day while reading the Monday York Daily paper, I came
across the obituary section and there he was. A picture of him. He had
died 2 days before on a Friday. His obituary had everything in it he
told us about where he worked. His time in the military. Where is
relatives lived and so on. I showed it to Jennifer. This really freaked
us out to say the least.
Jakob wrote the song /We're All Going To Heaven/ on the LP about the ghost.

After that, I began to have strange extremely real and vivid
dreams and weird like memories like having a cinematic motion picture
reel running through my brain of encountering strange beings at night in
my house. Like I was awake and asleep at the same time. I began to get
strange phone calls with an unknown caller. I'd answer and no one would
speak. I would only hear strange breathing sounds on the other end of
the line. Then the roof pounding started. The creaking and pounding on
the roof would sometimes go on for hours during the evening and then
would stop completely all at once. Sometimes it sounded like a giant
bird had landed on the roof. Jennifer would sometimes freak out saying,
what in the world is wrong with the roof! During the day Buzzards
started to sit on the rooftop of my house. Around 6 to 8 of them. They
didn't seem to be afraid when I went outside to look at them. They would
just sit there and stare at me.
I finally received a note in my mailbox. Your in the game was scrolled
on a piece of paper. Strange lights began to circle my house at night
and once around 6 spheres came into my bedroom and flew around the
ceiling. That exact same night a neighbor experienced the spheres up
the road called me in the morning to asked if I saw the lights. She said
6 light spheres circled above her barn for around 15 minutes then took
off into the night sky. And, then during full moons on winter nights
there seem to be strange large tall birdlike creatures in the woods
roosting high up in the trees standing on large tree limbs. Silhouettes
in the darkness.
Supernatural Gears Merchandise
I would watch them from a distance from my rural backwoods log home.
They seem to be roosting. Almost standing motionless on large tree limbs
with their features sometimes blowing in the night breeze. Like ghost
figures. Sometimes the trees would make a strange soft like screaming
sounds like giant tree limbs being rubbed together. I dared to walk into
the woods to investigate.
Which led me to read the Mothman Prophecies.
Jakob claims to be able to
speak to Buzzards
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*Jakob:* That's right. Kind of like the horse whisperer I can talk to
Buzzards through text messaging. I have a friend Buzzard a pet I call
Ethal. Known her since I was a little Amish child playing in the woods.
I found out a way to communicate by text messaging above her head. It's
a communication similar to The Horse or Dog Whisperer. Think of me as
the Buzzard Whisperer. I put together a noise art piece called /Ethal
the Buzzard Demon Fisher/ for LionStars Opera. You can hear it on the LP.
*LionStar:* That's when I began to become extremely interested in the
Paranormal which eventually led to my research in mind control and
finally to Project Monarch. The governments mind control program for
non-lethal warfare. And to my putting the rock opera together based on
all this. You know York County is known as "Hex County" with all the
PowWows and the murder of the witch John Reymeyer. And, the 7 Gates of
Hell in Hellam is supposedly located here. The cinematic movie reel in
my mind played on. I began to experience strange erotic dreams. I
encountered the Martian Werewolf Clan. A family organization going back
before the civil war called Devil Dusters and Porno Vampires and learned
of the blowing of the Devil's Breath on people to trance them.
*Lennon: */Devil Duster/ is my favorite song from the Opera. It's the
most conventional sounding rocker on the LP. But, still has an
originality to it. One of my favorite songs by Jakob.
*LionStar:* The trance drug Burundanga and it's powerful trancing
extract Shocking Blue. How they used bring slaves to American using this
powerful trance drug. How their chemists made a more potent extract
called Shocking Blue. They got out of the slave trade business after the
civil war and got into trance porno films which are sold mainly in
Amsterdam. They also run the largest credit card fraud and identity
thief ring in the world. Stealing Identities and card numbers by
trancing victims with this drug that makes you completely wide awake and
asleep at the same time. Can be sprayed or blown into your face. You
become instantly tranced. The Martian Werewolf Clan are master
Trancers. It's also used as a truth serum. Jakob wrote the song/ Pharma
Truth Serum /about this nightshade drug for the Opera. You can download
the song or hear it on the LP and watch a video on Youtube. In a trance
I met Dr. Joesef Mengela the Nazi Angel of Death looks to be around 25
years old. I spoke with him in what I believe was a Shocking Blue waking
dream trance. He told me he takes youth drugs along with Adolf Hitler
that he invented at the Nazi death camps in Germany through experiments
with children. That's how he remains alive and young living with his
three sons in Lancaster among the Amish. He calls this area along the
Mason Dixon Line region. The experimental Trance Warfare Zone. Sometimes
calling it PennsylTancesylVania. You know over 800 Nazi mind control
scientists were brought into this area by the U.S government after World
War II.

Shortly after the above incident, underground natural gas
explosions began to happen in York. An underground explosion completely
blew up Mike's Nut Shop there on Maple street and then more underground
explosions unexplained blowing up two more row houses on King Street.
And then yet another underground explosion blowing the sewer caps up in
the air along Market Street. Now one could explain how this happened.
Chronis said it was to let his game players know that the Reptilians are
coming in to peoples houses in York from below through underground
tunnels and shafts. Now there are earthquakes going on north of the
county that scientists think are coal mines caving in. I was told in a
vivid dream by the major and master Reptilian Game player Chronis that
they are caving in old Tunnels used by the NWO and making new ones. To
much is known about Project Monarch and the old tunnels circling the
Harrisburg State Mental Institution using patients for experiments.
Chronis also told he was going to put all the security guards to sleep
at the Peach Bottom Nuke plant nearby. It all happened. It was reported
in the York Daily paper and major print media.
Chronis informed me they have a mining operation on one of
Jupiter's moons called Ganymede. They were going to throw a mining rock
from one of their mining ships as a joke towards New Park. A meteor rock
the size of a basketball landed there last week. No one has found the
rock yet. Jakob put together the song along with bassist Lennon
Cybermodster /
Gargons Of Ganymede, Reptilians Night Out At The Noise Art
Opera /about the Reptilians on Ganymede for the LP
. Reptilians love
Noise Art Punk.
During my continued research and investigations I later encountered
an Amish Exorcism musician at the Guinson Church during an exorcism in
Brogue Pa told to attend by
Chronis in a dream who was now giving me
strange 16 digit numbers and what looked to be math equations on a chalk
board at the Church and on number scribblings on paper left in my
mailbox with strange maps showing underground tunnels. Tunnels leading
to and around the Harrisburg State mental institution from the Aberdeen
Proving Grounds in Maryland through York and Lancaster leading to the
mental hospital. Here are the numbers.
8880000000019798. I have no idea
what the numbers mean. Maybe one of your readers know what the numbers
mean. I was told it might be a patent number that was thought to be
secret for some kind of electronic device by Telsa. I'll have to check
into that.
Chronis once stuck a pack of Christmas cards I had in the second
grade inside an old dresser drawer there. Me finding the Cards are part
of The Game I suppose. I made it to the church and met Jakob there
performing this incredible exorcism guitar solo live with his whammy bar
electronic foot pedal specialist Sam Rockwell at a snake serpent
handling ritual where people were speaking in tongues. That's how we
met. I recorded it live. You can hear it on the LP /Jakobs Exorcism
Guitar #1./ Again, my dreams and memories were becoming more and more
vivid in an extreme spinning like motion picture reel. Some of my
friends in the area along with Jakob here began having the same strange
and vivid motion picture mind dreams too.
*Jakob:* That's true. I've been a cinematic mind reel game player for
quite some time now. I found out quite awhile ago that the Amish family
who raised me on an Amish farm in Lancaster isn't my real family. I once
was abducted and spent four months locked up in an underground tunnel as
a kid with a sick pervert in a torture cage. The song /House of Pain/ is
about my time there. An Amish family found me one day walking along the
road looking like a zombie. I remember being in a state of shock. Like a
cat or a dog left behind along the road abandoned by it's owner who
didn't want it's pet anymore. They took me in. I grew up on their dairy
farm and developed a strange gift. The gift of Exorcism. That's another
story. They were wonderful but I had a DNA test which showed they
weren't my parents.
*LionStar:* Jakob wrote a noise art piece/ Jakob's Guinson Church Dream/
about the exorcism at the church with the snake handlers and singing
monks which is on the Opera LP.
*Jakob:* That was a strange solo guitar gig I played with Sam Rockwell's
foot on a electronic whammy pedal manipulating the guitar sound. They
had flown in a member of the Pope's inner circle from Europe to be
there. This strange looking guy. Landed at the Baltimore airport. I was
asked to pick him up at the airport and bring him to the church. Which I
did. He barely spoke on the way to the church, Snake handlers came from
as far away as the Appalachian mountains of Virginia. The Guinson Church
as a very strange history going back to the 1700's. No preacher would
preach there for 40 years during that time. Some believe Jesus is in the
area near the church. The church was recently desecrated with devil
signs and so on. The church used to be open to the general public all
the time as no services were held there but the doors remained unlock
for visitors. There was never anyone there almost always except one
Sunday a month they would hold a service. Since the desecration the
doors have been slammed shut and locked with large steel bars. After the
desecration a man showed up on the local news with long hair who lived
in the area talking about the vandalism. Jennifer told me to come in
watch the news cause there is a guy on the screen who looks just like
Jesus talking about the Guinson Church vandalism. I took a look at the
guy and it kinda of freaked me out cause I had met that Jesus looking
person many times in dreams at the church. But, this was no dream on the
local news.
*LionStar:* The music and webisodes I'm writing about now and working on
along with Jakob and drummer Geronimo Hisser and bassist Lennon
Cybermodster and several actors for the rock opera are Webasodes based
on the many strange experiences seemingly in real life that I seem to be
caught up in since the day I met the old man at the park. Was he a ghost
from the Paranormal? Was it somehow a hoax? Also, I've become very
influenced by the book, Transformation Of America. It's the most bizarre
book I think I've ever read about the government's mind control program
called Project Monarch. I became interested in all the mind control
conspiracies on the internet mainly the ones on Youtube and became
interested in Cathy O'brien's story of mind control along with another
book called
Haarp, the ultimate weapon of the Conspiracy. The song
Mary/ is inspired by her story. Also, I've read about the supposed
Reptilian threat in the books of David Icke and his conspiracy theories
about the NWO New World Order. The song /
Illusion Confusion/ about the
NWO is on the LP. The Aberdeen Proving Grounds Military based is located
directly below York County which is referred to in the conspiracy book
Storming Heaven. Is it all just a dream within a dream or is my mind
making a life of it's own without me? Ha! York County just may be ground
zero for the Paranormal. I come to the conclusion that reality and life
may be truly stranger than fiction. Or, maybe that reality is really a
Hoax on the mind. You know some Physicists believe Reality may just be a
computer program.
*Jakob:* There you go again LionStar! Computer programs? Hoax of the
mind? Physicists? Your getting off subject here.
*Lennon:* I've read David Ickes Reptilian book. Fascinating. I've watch
all the 911 conspiracy videos on Youtube. There is a great song there
called 9/11 was an inside job by Brian Stewart Fox and the 33rd Degree.
It's as great song whether you believe in the 911 conspiracy or not.
There does seem to be some controversy about building 7. I do wonder how
that building manage to come tumbling down several hours later.
*Geronimo:* No comment.
*Isaac:* Let's talk about what you feel you will bring to the music
*Jakob:* Hopefully I can expand the performance boundaries of the modern
musician and what it means to be an original musician not afraid to take
chances and inspire others to write their own music instead of trying to
perfect being in a reenactor band or a copy band. There was a romantic
time when Minstrels traveled through Europe playing the streets. Writing
mysterious songs and passing them down through generations to other
Minstrels as the song continued to evolve with mythic stories behind
them. You know no one knows who wrote the song Greensleeves.

It was
written by an unknown traveling minstrel and passed from Minstrel to
Minstrel down through the ages evolving. Then the magic of the music was
more important than just being a male or female porn star with a guitar
in hand. A lot of music today seems to be about money only sex and
fashion and has lost a lot of the romance and mystery of the song. I'd
like to see the Rock Opera come back like Tommy by the Who or Jesus
Christ Superstar. But more in an electronic industrial or heavy metal
style. Harder edge. More controversial. Less commercial sounding. Maybe
with a 150 guitar orchestra playing through 50 100 watt Marshal amps out
in the PennsylTrancesylVania outback somewhere. A performance in the
woods or on a stage set up in a cornfield.
*LionStar: *New combinations of cinema and writings combined with
musical chaos on the internet and in performance. Wonder if that's to
much to hope for? Ok, new musical cinema.
*Geronimo:* Don't want to bring anything to the music industry except my
drum sticks. Period.
*Lennon:* I'd like to go into of one those music execs plush ivory tower
offices and give them my two cents and tell them what I think. But, I
don't have two cents to my name.
*Isaac:* If you had an opportunity to work with one artist or group, who
would it be and why?
*Jakob:* Nine Inch Nails. I'd love to record and play guitar in his band
for a tour or record in the studio. We're from around the same area so
I'd most likely get along with him cause we both have the same genetic
environmental structure. We're both from the rolling cornfields of
Pennsylvania. So, we both have that PennsylTrancesylVania Blood in us.
Take a look at his tour?
Strange Lights in the Sky. Did Trent see a UFO?
And his recent releases Ghosts? Yea, it would be fantastic to work with
*Lennon:* Would have loved to work with the heavy metal singer from Black Sabbath
and with Heaven and Hell Ronnie James Dio.
*LionStar:* I'd love to work with Jimi Hendrix. Put a psychedelic
cyberpunk music video together. Wonder what he'd be playing today if he
were alive. Psychedelic Cyberpunk Blues? And, I'd love to have worked
with Director Stanley Kubrick.
Put together a complete movie based on the book Tranceformation of
America in the style of Clockwork Orange. Or, I'd love to work with Ron
Howard on the same movie based on the Cathy O'brien book.
*Geronimo:* Pete Townshend when he was 21. Nine Inch Nails or Ministry
would be great to work with now. Actually at this point in my life I'll
work with anyone if they got the money. Where's the check.
*Jakob:* Hey Geronimo gave you a check last week.
*Geronimo: * Yea the check bounced.
*Isaac:* How would you describe your music to others?
*Jakob:* Psychedelic CyberPunk. Two fans once described our music as
psychedelic punk and we've kept that description ever since.
We were doing a gig at the Roosevelt Tavern in York under the name
Quasar Light at the time. Two Dudes were coming to York from Harrisburg
to see a band at a club on Market Street.
They said they were listening to the radio and heard a song by a group
Quasar Light, a song from the new LP "Experience This." Some
stations were beginning to spin some or our songs at the time. They said
they were really getting into it and freaking rocking out. They drove
past the Roosevelt and looked up and saw Quasar Light performing here
tonight. They said they couldn't believe it, turned around and came
into the show.
They came up to us and in conversation said our music sounded like
psychedelic punk. We said yea! Your right Dude. Never thought of that.
That's perfect. So, we've been using psychedelic punk ever since.
Isaac:* What type of feedback have you received from fans about your music?
Jakob:* The feedback has been great! I've had fans say they are
becoming infatuated with the music the characters and the storyline of
the Opera. I wrote an article about the 7 gates of Hell in Hellam on an
internet blog and received a lot of fanfare there. A fan informed me he
thinks the music opera is genius. But, I keep thinking I have to keep
asking Fans to put their small pocket change in my guitar case? Pennies
for a song.

I know some of you fans out there have large pockets so a
nice large donation to the continuing full opera would be welcome. It's
only $9.99 at itunes. You know people used to actually purchase a full
LP once upon a time. But, if you have any small change in your pocket
drop it in my guitar case at itunes and we'll play you a song.
*Lennon:* The strange crowd I hang out with loves the LP. I've sold
about a 100 CD copies to friends. Nobody's asked for their money back yet. The Videos
on LionStar's YouTube channel has been seen by around

around 5,809,2
10 million viewers so far.
*Isaac:* Where can fans locate you at online?
*Jakob:* You can locate us at the official web site.
You can get most songs for free download and purchase songs or the LP
there on
Reverbnation . We have
a community board there too where you can vent anger, fall in love,
make friends, say just about anything you want about us.
*Isaac:* What can fans expect from you in the next five years?
*Jakob:* Five years? The Mayans predict the world was coming to an end
December 20, 2012.
Made a video wrote song was waiting and nothing happened. So, what's the
point of thinking five years down the road.
*LionStar:* Five years from now I hope I can bring about a truce between
the Reptilians and the Alien Greys.
*Isaac: * Time for some shout outs to your family, friends, and fans?
*Jakob:* We're all going to Heaven!
*Lennon:* I'm going down and I'm taking you with me!
*LionStar:* Their watching you!
*Isaac:* Final words?
*Jakob:* Life is short. Don't forget to smell the roses and donate to
the opera.
*LionStar: * I second that. UFO aT THE DIaRY FaRM.
*Lennon:* Yea, I third that.
*Geronimo:* Let me fourth that.
LionStar: * Need donations so I may continue to purchase avemar wheat germ extract which is very expensive known to help stop some occurrence of cancer.
Trying to raise $
1788 for one years supply. My current supply is running out. My medical condition took everything financially.
Please donate.

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Had a nightmare dream last night they had dropped a Tsar nuke a 100 miles away and everyone was running around with...

Posted by Len Wiles on Sunday, January 10, 2016
river darkness nellie noll the witchRiver Witch Of Marietta Nellie Noll Photos Photo1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 5 Photo 6 Photo 7 Photo 8 Photo 9 - Video Overture "Trance of the Monarch Butterfly" - The Return Of Nellie Noll River Witch Of Marietta (Rehmeyers Spells) Jakobs Exorcism Opus 1 - Jakobs Exorcism Opus 2 Supernatural Dating Gears - Date a Sci Fi Maniac!

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CaST: JaKOBS DIaRY - ancient Secret Song Gear Vault JD Log entry 2 - PISSED OFF aNGEL
Amitiel, A SupernAturAl Traveling GeAr Angel Of Truth
Death Star Galaxy China Girl From Ulyssee - ethal The Buzzard DEmon Fisher - Pig Girl - Kathy Draco - Lennon Cybermodster BaSSIST GEaR - Geronimo Hitler Hisser DRUM GEaR - Jennifer Hurley Cinematography - alizarin celeralian - Crimson RedLakw - Princess Christiva - Beer Girl - Chronis GMO Creation - Jennifer - Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal Cedar Valley Minstrel Of Heavencan supernatural gearhead guitarist - Paranormal Pussy Cats Porno Vampire Jenna the Japanese Mothra Girl

"Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly Series - Video Music Overture"

Nellie Noll Music Video

Return Of Nellie Noll River Witch Of Marietta ------ TRaILER

River Witch Nellie Short Trailer by Lynn Starr

Zombie at Guinson Church Graveyard

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