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Music Minstrel Primeveire

I had heard from the Blood Moon Clan Minstrels that Primeveire was in the area. She had traveled the reincarnation route and was seen playing at a nightclub in Hex County.
Primeveire belonged to was a traveling Minstrel in the
Blood Moon Clan Music Guild all through the Dark ages. I met her when the black death germ warfare development by the blood drinking Dracs Draonians ( also known as Vampires, Reptilian Dracs is where the Vampire myth came from only it's real. Shape shifting Dracs changing into humans, animals, blood drinking vampire bats ) Germ warfare was spreading ravaging Europe the black death.
I had to see for myself if the story was true. Was Primeveire in the Hex Belt area. My Minstrel friend
Luke told me she was performing in a nearby nightclub Vittos Coal Fire PIZZA and Restaurant in nearby Saint Clair, Pennsylvania that night. I arrived at the club. Immediately knew it was Primeveire on stage. She was performing her song "The Dancer." I used to watch her perform this song on a large cathedral organ in medieval times during the Dark ages. Performed at festivals for pheasants, Kings and Queens and bloodline royalty. I loved her songs and she was a phenomenal guitar virtuoso and vocalist. During break I went up to her. I introduced myself to Primeveire. She recognized me. She spoke, wow, Jakob haven't seen you since your fiancee Jennifer was burned at the stake accused of being a witch by the Templars. I knew she wasn't a witch but the Templars were convinced. Yea, thought the Minstrel Nellie Noll the River Witch of Marietta was responsible involved in that. She wasn't though found out but I watched her burn too later and said nothing. Nellie has forgiven me somewhat, and we are working together as exorcism musicians on the GMO Chronis Demon extraction, the human genetic plant mutation summoned here by the Blood Moon Clan to exorcise the paranormal Monsanto Corn/human mutation developed by Josef Megele the Nazi Angel of DeAth and Erik Prince the Monsanto Prince of Darkness. "Are you hear for the Perfect Paranormal Storm Jakob?" Yes that too. How have you been Primeveire? "Still traveling the reincarnation route as a minstrel." The Blood Moon Clan Guild told me there is a perfect paranormal storm moving in. Hex County is ground zero, the eye of that storm. There are thousands of angels waiting in the paranormal cloaking zone waiting for the supernatural winds to begin to blow and the horns to be blown by the Templars of the Blood Moon Clan Mysterious Fog Pennsylvania Clan Chapter. The counties in Pennsylvania ( PennSYLtranceSYLvania ) touching the Mason Dixon Line region will succeed from the Union when the storm hits and form the new Angel Nation. Most of the Reptilians living in the underground tunnels are leaving in large numbers from the area, traveling to the apollo park alien landing field where many cloaked starships are stacked many miles into the sky one on top of each other. I not sure what role I'll be playing but I was summoned here for that along with you Jakob, Nellie Noll the River Witch of Marietta and the Martian Werewolf Trancer" "Mark Draco"
Bassist "
Lennon Cybermodster" and the Susquehannock Indian Drummer "Little Geronimo Hitler Hisser." (no relation to adolf) You know we were all once considered music exorcism superhero's of the Templars until we broke off when they became corrupt and disavowed the Templar Oath and began amassing great wealth. Disavowing the oath of "exposing demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in our society through the art of song and paranormal intervention." When they themselves became that secrecy between the raindrops. Primeveire then pointed to the stage and said she needed to get back to her performance. I watched the last set she played. It was beyond amazing. The music notes seem to fly around the room in a sonic explosion of beauty and sadness. Of power and adventure. Music played for a thousand years. The music of a Supernatural Gospel Gear. A reincarnation Minstrel Traveler. The music of the legendary Minstrel "Primeveire." - JAKOB LEMY ZOOK, JAKOBS DIARY, TRANCE OF THE MONARCH BUTTERFLY

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