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Muddy Creek Blues Disaster - Cybermodster Trailer Park Graffiti Trash art - Blues guitar by Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal

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Recorded this psychedelic blues jam around 1998 at Old Dan's house in his dirt floor basement in New Park out in the rural sticks. He hit the record button on his cassette with a built in microphone and we jammed. There was a huge flood around that time period. Went to Muddy Creek and there were large trees, logs, chairs, cars, large rocks all floating fast down stream in a large wave of muddy water. So decided to call this blues jam, Muddy Creek Blues Disaster. Very raw blues. Give a listen. JaKOBS DIaRY - Date Gear Become a GearHead Subscribe for the latest Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild News and info on upcoming Supernatural Gears Recordings and Guerrilla Gear Performances EaSILY SUBSCRIBE NOW CaST: JaKOBS DIaRY - ancient Secret Song Gear Vault
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