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The Mysterious Fog Of Hex County Pennsylvania
Excerpts from Lenny Lionstar Marshal Wiles The Trailer Park Trash Rocker and Jakob Lemy Zook Amish Exorcism Musician
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Bubble Bee Ganti Aliens & Reptilian Dracs are now at the Apollo Park Landing Field in York (Hex County) Pa

I've encountered interdimensionals since Feburary of 1997. I've never seen them as Reptilians, only human looking. They appear out of tunnel holes that seem to materialize with a loud crackling sound. I've seen endless star like lights when looking into the tunnels. They wear a disk on their chest that they call a Shockraplate and the Interdimentionals seem to fall apart, growing weaker and weaker the longer they stay here on their visits to the point where they start to have trouble walking. That's when they leave.I saw around 7 of them in a hotel room once with a sleeping couple. They had a green square looking box with a flickering light at the foot of the bed. The light was pointed at the couple who seem to be asleep.... But would awake occasionally and start talking to everyone like nothing was going on. Asking names and so on. Everyone in the room said their name was John. I think this is to confuse in case of a memory occurring of the incident. I won't get into the sex part here. But, in my mind they do rape humans. Even though the human consents because they are in a state of waking trance. They develop amnesia and don't remember.

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The Interdimensionals don't consider it rape because they don't remember an encounter. They seem to do these raids quite a bit using trance technology. I don't know what their final end game is but they wanted me to see this. I usually remember an encounter with these beings around a half hour after an incident. A extreme memory moves in that can only be describe as a Cinematic Mind Reel running through brain. The Bumblebee aliens come from two prehistoric Bubblebee underground Hive colonies. One from Africa, a colony called the Ganti and one unknown named hive from North America Just like fish that came out of the water through evolution and started to walk on land. The Bumblebees developed extraordinary navigational systems and extreme flight capabilities and came out the earths atmoshpere and entered space. Like fish in water to land, Bubblebees in the air to space. The Ganti's have air sacs but can only travel so far into space before having to return for oxygen. They do have massive starships designed after their own design for flight and navigation. Starships that can almost instantly go up and down and sideways like witnesses have seen. I've been in their underground Hives and seen giant vats of red nectar which is their food. The Reptilians developed from the Bubble bees. Most likely by intelligent design and eugenics from the Ganti's. Just like the Bubble bees the Reptilians are a Hive race, Hive colonies located underground. cyber goth dating - gothic people looking for a date The Draco Reptilians developed wings like the Ganti's and many migrated to the Draco Constellation when they developed space flight. The difference between the two is that the Reptilians can shape shift by a process known as sped up evolution and using intelligent design for the end result of the classic shape shifting everyone's heard about. It's not a random process like Darwin's evolution but a controlled intelligent sped up design. Darwins evolution with an intelligent designer the Reptilian in complete control and guiding the way through an evolution into a shape shift. Most humans have Reptilian in them. A human Fetus is pretty much Reptile at first in the womb then it shape shifts to human. Reptilians shape shift outside of the womb. I've been to the there underground Hives and seen great giant vats like the Bumblebee vats but instead of filled with nectar they were filled human blood, body parts, floating heads in the blood. I said so you do eat humans and drink their blood. They told me I wasn't supposed to see this and told one of the Reptilians to push the vat to another room. It was a scene out of a Horror movie. I wasn't afraid though. Just sickened. I've known the Reptilians since Childhood but things got really strange ever since mainly starting in February of 1997. I sense they are afraid of me. I'm not sure why but I get the feeling that all hell will break lose if I'm harmed. The Reptilian 6 sector now oppose this practice of eating and killing humans for food and are trying to have it stopped. But, many Reptilians say it's tradition and is natural they've been doing it for thousands of years. There is a political conflict going on that is leading to war. There is an interdimensional like tunnel hole at the Alien landing field in Apollo Park in Brogue, Pa. Apollo Park was named by the Ganti's after the Apollo Space landing.

The Apollo Park sits in the middle of nowhere in Amish country, York, HEX COUNTY county, Pa. Very secluded perfect place for a cloaked Alien landing field and underground tunnels for the Reptilians. This is the site of one of the Reptilian 6 sectors. At first the interdimensional like tunnel looks like a stone wall sitting in the middle of the forest growth then shifts to a tunnel. I saw a great giant Moth larve there by the hole. Hanging downside from a tree. It had a humanlike head. Weirdest thing I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot strange stuff in the last 13 years since I was selected and put into this Reptilian game play. And learned what I am. It turned and stared at me. At first it freaked me out as the face looked like me that I was staring at. But, then it changed to another face. A Mothman Creature in development. These Mothmen always show up before disasters happen. Some Mothmen recently have been terrorizing the Reptilians flying through their tunnels killing them. But, this has been stopped recently as the Reptilian 6 sector is now allies with the Moth Creatures.

The Reptilians have been going there in large numbers to the Apollo landing field. I've seen hundreds of them traveling the paths through the woods to the location. Entire families. Some looking human, spoke with them, others full Reptile, many Draco. Their coming from all around the world. It's an exodus. The Reptilians are leaving en masse and seem to be in a fast hurry to do so. Their are 16 massive starships one on top of the other above the hole. The ships are cloaked. There is a key that will open the door to the wall. To the exit tunnel. Told to be used only when their gone in the approaching disaster if it comes. If the current timeline doesn't change. And it doesn't look like it will. That disaster is hurling at humanity right now. It might be a war or natural, or both involving astroid weapons, weather weapons, sunspot radiation weapons, Haarp microwave mind control. The worldwide human population will be brought down to 666 million. All who live under that number will wear the number of the Beast. Become a servant to the Kings and Queens of the NWO hybrids. The Reptilian hybrid Ganti Kings and Queens of the Hive. Humans assimilated into the Hive. A mind controlled human slave working for the Hive. The NWO Haarp Beast microwave Hive unit in Alaska is runned by a Reptilian hybrid human nightmare called Chronis. A nightmare created through Nephilim eugenics at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds military base by German Nazi mind and eugenics scientists brought to America after WW2 still living taking youth drugs along with Dr. Josef Mengele and doing experiments in this area for non-lethal and lethal warfare mostly; through the very active Project Monarch using mostly children brought in from around the world. Much chemtrail spraying in the area and it's starting to make the Reptilians sick and they are dying. Two of the strangest looking craft flew over the park today spraying.

The military has also been infiltrating some of these tunnels and are killing the Reptilians in the 6th sector Hives. There is a power struggle going on between the NWO Reptlian elite and the Reptilian 6 Hive. The Reptilian 6th sector are the good guys as far as humans are concerned. The Moth eugenics race is also currently the good guys and are trying to stop the mind control invasion and assualt and de-population situation in this coming theatre of control for power of the world. And the spraying of the chemtrails in 6th sector Hive locations. The mind control invasion is called Melting the Psychic Permafrost. What's called the psychic permafrost in the human mind which currently blocks the way to a hive mind set will be melted away so it can be entered and controlled. Only a small portion of the brain is currently being used by humans. They'll have access to parts of the brain not in use that have great power. And they will control it in every human. I tried going up to the wall yesterday in the morning when the Reptilians usually aren't around above ground in the dense park to see if the key will open the door on the wall. But, the wall slowly disapeared when approaching. The giant caterpillar larve had caccooned also yesterday and what was there was gone. Only what looked to be large Spidery web like larve substance from the caccoon. They'll be one ship left behind after the Reptilian 6th sector have left along with most of the Ganti's and Moth hybrid humans. It can hold 250,000 humans. There is an 18 digit number that must be punched into the ships computer system correctly for the computer to navigate the starship out before the final impact. They'll be no Reptlians or Aliens or Ganti Bumblebees there to help or to navigate the ship. They'll be gone and out of here. Humans on the ship will be alone and someone will have to punch the numbers correctly into the computer.
cyber goth dating - gothic people looking for a date Another person will have to navigate up or down with two larger levers when approaching the Sorun Web. These Soruns live in Black Holes and will run out from them and catch whatever hits their web, grab and drag it back down the black hole. I once witnessed on a Ganti ship a meteor had hit the web and was caught when suddenly around 7 Soruns ran out like giant steel looking Spiders and tore the meteor apart and dragged the pieces with them back into their hole. Its simple to avoid the Soru Webs but the computer doesn't know how to avoid because the webs get spun and show up out of nowhere. That's why a human must do it with the levers moving the starship up or down to not get caught in the web. On that ship humans will be alone with no skills on how to operate a starship only the numbers for the computer, one person navigating above or below the Sorun webs and the faith of the Reptilian 6 and the Gantis that they are helping them. If the humans onboard make it out in time a whole new future and world lies ahead on a new earth like planet 600 light years away called Keplar 22-b. But the longing and sadness of a lost world to tyranny will linger in humans for generations to come longing for their once home on that beautiful round blue planet sitting in the outer edges of the universe called earth. - JLZook Amish Exorcism Supernatural Gears 2nd Gear Guitarist. THE PERFECT PARANORMAL STORM Jakobs Diary Excerpts

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