Journey into Hell & Heaven. Christian Rock Music Free Song Downloads
I awoke in a strange dream. Jesus and Mary were sitting beside my bed and put their hands on my head. I looked out across the room and a large expanse opened up. There was a long line of angels extending up to the sky. Seemingly hundreds of thousands of them on the left and right sides of an open path. Jesus asked me follow him. I got up and followed up the path walking with Jesus and Mary. There was a large Angel at his side whom I've seen before. His name is Snowfire. Huge large Angel, pure white in the face standing around 12 feet tall. Him and Jesus were conversation. As I was walking down the pathway
with hundreds of
Angels on knees bowing as we walked I asked Jesus where we we're going. He pointed to the end of the path which seem to open into space with a large giant burning sun. We made it to an entrance way. There were Angels smaller Angels at the opening. They looked at me and we're almost yelling as they pointed to an opening, like a large black hole going into a fire, that all Hell will break loose if those things escape from there. It was like they were guarding the entrance way to Hell. I was then told I had to go into Hell to rescue 3 small children, girls that had been thrown into Hell by mistake and rescue. That Angels could not enter Hell. As a human I could enter. - Lenny Wiles LionStar Marshal Musician of The Ancient Order Of The Blood Moon Clan Templar Minstrel Guild Lenny's Hex County DIARY