Ballad Of Lennon Cybermodster, Count Zadar Ott & The Cedarman
Lennon Cybermodster
Count Zadar Ott
We travel these roads
In our night time slot
Our friends the hawk and fox
and me the Cedarman
We travel these valleys
exorcisming our sins
Cause the Minonites
The amish Men in black hats
know the spells of the night
Can see demons in black cats
We sing out our sing
We cleanse our souls
Yea there's no place like these lands
In the order of amish old
amish old
help me Jesus

When we get to the hill
We hear the howling scream
Of something strange
Man this ain't no dream
Cause Pig Girl's standing there
Down by the road
along with Lady Greensleves
and a Prince turned into a toad
We sing to the moon
We sing to the land
We sing in the dark woods
We're the exorcism band
On a blood moon night
You'll see us there
among the demonic
saving souls in dispare
amish old
Help me Jesus

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